23 September 2020 | Copenhagen, Denmark
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23 September 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish IP Fair 2020


BioInnovation Institute offers entrepreneurially-minded researchers or anyone with a research-based idea help to bring interdisciplinary ideas to life and research to market. 

Our main focus is medtech, pharma and biotech. We envision that strong collaborations, a passion for science, and an open mind will foster research-based innovation and viable start-ups. 


Vaekstfonden invests equity and provides loans and guarantees for small as well as medium-sized enterprises in collaboration with private partners and Danish financial institutions. In 2017 these companies had over 63,500 employees in total. 





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Biopeople facilitates confidence-building  interpersonal relations. This is to fulfill  the needs of stakeholders for strengthening innovation through cross disciplinary and international partnerships.

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) creates value for its members by co-hosting, launching and driving meetings, networks, seminars, conferences and projects, that strengthen the collaboration, networking and knowledge-sharing in the regions life science community.

Medico Industry

Medicoindustrien is the industry association for companies in Denmark which develop, manufacture, sell or otherwise take an interest in medical devices. 

Medicoindustrien's goal is to strenghten the ability for more than 190 member companies to operate in the Danish Market. We do that by working closely with Political decision makers, the healthcare system and the Research Institutes to closely monitor the needs, demands and challenges in the Danish Health Care Sector and to offer solutions where needed.


The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif) is a trade association for the researching pharmaceutical industry. 

Lif has 37 members among these are Danish as well as foreign companies. Lif work includes all links in the companies’ value chain: Ensuring better conditions for research and innovation, formulation of rules and legislation on regulatory conditions, productivity conditions and improved market access. 
 Lif works to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry has the best possible conditions to develop, market, distribute and provide information on medicinal products.

Keystones is a fast growing network of Danish company builders: business angels, serial-entrepreneurs and executives, whom specializes in the art of angel investing and new business development. As a result we’ve served the largest accelerators, funds, public partners and angel networks across Denmark as an engine for sourcing, screening and qualification of high-potential companies.


Accelerace is one of the world’s top 10 seed accelerators and has been nominated as the best startup accelerator in the Nordics in 2017 and 2018 by the Nordic Startup Awards. Since 2008, Accelerace has scouted, trained, and invested in more than 600 of the most promising Danish and international startups and growth companies. 


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